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Next Level Performance

Next Level Performance

VIO2™ Mouth Tape is your performance hack.

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Elevate Your Game

VIO2™ Mouth Tape is a simple yet powerful tool that can help improve your physical performance. By switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing while training, you can significantly enhance your oxygen intake, leading to a range of benefits to help you reach peak performance.

Lung Function

Nasal breathing helps strengthen your diaphragm, the primary muscle responsible for breathing, thus enhancing your respiratory efficiency.

Faster Recovery

Nasal breathing helps remove carbon dioxide waste product more effectively, accelerating muscle recovery, and reducing fatigue.

VIO2 Mouth tape helps you get more oxygen to your muscles and aids in recovery to build strength

Better Endurance

Nasal breathing promotes efficient oxygen delivery to your muscles, allowing you to work harder and sustain high performance longer.

How to Use It

To use VIO2™ Mouth Tape for physical performance, simply place the tape over your mouth before starting your workout, keep the tape on during training or exercising to maintain nasal breathing, and remove the tape after your workout routine. For better and faster recovery, you can also try VIO2™ Mouth Tape at night while you sleep.

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Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Embrace nasal breathing for peak performance!

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