VIO2 Mouth Tape for the Breathing Edge

Created by a Doctor. Mouth Tape for the Breathing Edge.

A mouth tape developed by oral health experts to promote nasal breathing and better living.

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Vital Interchange of Oxygen

Our myofunctional tape goes over your mouth, but don’t hold your breath. Breathe through your nose instead! Whether you are looking to better your sleep, bolster immunity, improve oral health, or enhance performance, the vital interchange of oxygen is key.

Better Sleep

Who doesn’t want better sleep? Get a consistent and quality night’s rest by more oxygen intake through nasal breathing. Oxygen tonight will give you more energy in the morning.

Better Oral Health

You probably never connected breathing through your nose with your pearly whites. With consistent nasal breathing, you can protect and preserve your smile!

Better Immunity

Breath is the foundation to good health. Aid your body's natural immunity and healing by relying on one of its most natural processes, breathing through your nose.

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VIO2™ Mouth Tape

A breath of fresh air can make a world of difference. We at VIO2™ know this. That's why we created this small, safe, and easy-to-use advanced mouth trainer to help gently promote nasal breathing, day or night. Whether you are looking to better your sleep, bolster immunity, improve oral health, or improve physical performance, the vital interchange of oxygen is key.

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Enjoy the beauty & wellness benefits of VIO2 Mouth Tape

Beauty & Wellness

Nasal breathing helps your body absorb more oxygen which enhances muscular and tissue recovery. Forget botox and costly procedures, you can activate the anti-aging power of your breath anytime! Try VIO2™ mouth tape today to preserve your beauty and glow.

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Doctors recommend using VIO2 Mouth Tape to protect your oral and dental health.

What Doctors Are Saying

Dentists and doctors agree that breathing through your mouth is bad, and instead, you should breathe through your nose whenever you can! VIO2™ tape keeps your mouth closed while you sleep or move about so you can activate nasal breathing.

Mouth breathing leads to snoring, dry mouth, and a host of other oral and dental issues. By simply taping your mouth shut and breathing through your nose, you can sleep better and increase your oxygen intake which also helps bolster immunity and improve physical performance.

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Did You Know?

Nasal breathing is one of the body’s strongest self-healing tools. It helps reduce anxiety and depression, improve immunity, decrease dental diseases, and improve physical performance.

Sleep Quality

You need that beauty rest, and your partner needs you to stop snoring. Just a simple piece of mouth tape can give you rest and maybe even save your relationship!

Dental Health

Gum disease, gingivitis, dry mouth? You can avoid these dental woes with VIO2™ mouth tape! By keeping your mouth closed, many dental issues are easily remedied.

VIO2 Mouth tape helps you get more oxygen to your muscles and aids in recovery to build strength


More oxygen leads to better performance! Getting more oxygen to your muscles by consistent nasal breathing aids in recovery and helps to build strength.



Best tape on the market! So comfortable. Easily the best tape on the market and I’ve tried a lot.

Mouth Tape Expert

Cannot say enough good things about this mouth tape! My sleep has increased like no other and I wake up refreshed and sleep through the whole night. Not only is it comfortable and easy to use, but everything about the product is amazing including all the benefits as an added bonus. If you’re not using this… I’m not sure what you’re doing. AMAZING PRODUCT!

Kailey Blair


How does it work?

Mouth breathing leads to all kinds of oral illnesses and is the #1 cause for snoring. Our comfortable myofunctional tape goes over your mouth while you sleep or move about, so you can activate nasal breathing day and night.

Nasal breathing is known to be one of the body's strongest self-healing tools. It helps with anxiety and depression, improves immunity, decreases dental diseases, and improves athletic performance.

Does it work with facial hair?

Sure thing! Your ‘stache stays in place. This is mouth tape, not a wax job. For full beard or mustache, we recommend peeling VIO2 tape from top down when removing.

How many times can I use the tape?

We recommend starting with new tape each time and discarding it after each use.

Why over the mouth?

VIO2™ mouth tape keeps your jaw from dropping. No seriously, sleep is the one time you don’t want a jaw-dropping experience. By keeping your mouth shut, you’re forced to breathe through your nose, providing your body with the rich oxygen you need for healthy functioning. This prevents oral and dental issues, like dry mouth and gum disease. It also prevents snoring and helps you stay asleep. Now that’s worthy of a jaw drop.

How does it promote dental and oral health?

Mouth breathing exposes your oral environment to the outside world which leads to microbiome imbalance, bad breath, dry mouth, and tooth decay. VIO2™ tape protects your mouth from harmful external factors, and nasal breathing enhances your overall well being.