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Trusted by Doctors, Loved by Users!

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VIO2 Mouth Tape featured on People Magazine

"Nasal breathing promotes better oral and jaw muscle tone."

VIO2 Mouth Taped featured on the Today media coverage

"You're going to get the deepest sleep you've ever experienced."

VIO2 Featured in the Goop Newsletter and Holiday Gift Guide

"This is our favorite mouth tape!"

VIO2 Mouth Tape on Good Morning America

"Improve sleep quality by reducing snoring, dry mouth, and sleep apnea."

VIO2 Mouth Tape is featured on Skinny Confidential sleep routine guide

"I woke up with so much more energy!"

VIO2 Mouth Tape featured on In the Know by Yahoo

"No more headache when I wake up, no more snorting and no more gross dry mouth!"

Trusted & Approved by Doctors

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with confidence. VIO2 Tape is the only mouth tape on the market developed, trusted and approved by a doctor. You can rest easy knowing you're using a safe and trusted solution for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

Dentists and doctors agree that breathing through your mouth is harmful to your health (it can lead to snoring, dry mouth, and a host of other oral and dental issues). You don’t have to worry about the fight or flight response - we guarantee uninterrupted sleep.

By simply taping your mouth shut and breathing through your nose, you can sleep better and increase your oxygen intake which also helps bolster immunity and improve physical performance.

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Increase Your Physical Performance

VIO2™ Mouth Tape is a simple yet powerful tool for improving your physical performance. By switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing while exercising, you can significantly enhance your oxygen intake, leading to a range of benefits to help you reach peak performance.

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Activate Natural Anti-Aging

Do you know breathing through your nose can activate your body's natural anti-aging power? Nasal breathing helps your body absorb more oxygen which enhances muscular and tissue recovery.

VIO2 Tape isn't just about better sleep—it's a comprehensive solution for your overall well-being. From reducing snoring and morning breath to sculpting your jawline and enhancing cognitive function, VIO2 Tape empowers you to unlock your full potential and live your best life.

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Two Ways to Wear

The #1 selling mouth tape with two ways to wear, made with Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Adhesive and Cotton Blend Fabric to fit all faces. Thousands of satisfied customers agree that VIO2™ is the best mouth tape for better sleep, more energy, and better overall wellness.

What Makes Us Different?

Better Sleep

Who doesn’t want better sleep? We guarantee that you will get deeper and quieter sleep with nasal breathing and wake up energized in the morning.

Healthy Mouth

Do you know breathing through your nose is the best thing you can do for your mouth? Improve your oral health with VIO2™ Mouth Tape today.

Boost Immunity

You can enhance your body's natural immunity and healing power by using one of its most holistic processes, breathing through your nose.

Customer Reviews

"This is a game changer. I started mouth taping while tongue scraping and WOW! Not only did it eliminate my bad breath, but it improved the quality of my sleep and also snatched my jawline. As a night shifter sleep is so important to me and this def stepped up my nighttime routine."

Alyssa on Nov 09, 2023

"Just started using these in conjunction with CPAP with nasal pillows. The chin straps just weren’t staying in place and we’re uncomfortable. This is a much better alternative to a chin strap for CPAP nasal pillow wearers! I often wake in the morning and forget it’s even there. Very comfortable!"

Beth on Oct 24, 2023

"Best tape on the market! So comfortable. Easily the best tape on the market and I’ve tried a lot."

Mouth Tape Expert

"Cannot say enough good things about this mouth tape! My sleep has increased like no other and I wake up refreshed and sleep through the whole night. Not only is it comfortable and easy to use, but everything about the product is amazing including all the benefits as an added bonus. If you’re not using this… I’m not sure what you’re doing. AMAZING PRODUCT!"

Kailey Blair

New Must Have!

"When I recently learned all the negatives of mouth breathing and came across this mouth tape I was a little taken aback at actually having to tape my mouth shut with this bright blue product. But after using it a few times I love it and am considering a subscription- this is a really good quality soft tape that sticks to skin well but doesn’t hurt at all if you peel it off slowly. I like the convenience of it being premade and ready to use and the “h” design allows you to move your mouth a tiny bit to breathe in case you really need to- this is my favorite feature since I sometimes struggle to fully breathe through my nose and don’t want to feel like I’ll suffocate. I’ve seen other tapes that completely cover the entire mouth (and are called weirdly awful, crass names). Would love to see other colors in the future. Also my first order shipped within literally minutes and this company does a lot of giving back to teachers in need. Happy to use this great product and support a company like this!"

VS on Dec 05, 2023

Why Choose VIO2 Tape?

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How does it work?

Mouth breathing leads to all kinds of oral illnesses and is the #1 cause of snoring. Our comfortable myofunctional tape goes over your mouth while you sleep or move about, so you can activate nasal breathing day and night.

Nasal breathing is known to be one of the body's strongest self-healing tools. It helps with anxiety and depression, improves immunity, decreases dental diseases, and improves athletic performance.

Does it work with facial hair?

Sure thing! Your ‘stache stays in place. This is mouth tape, not a wax job. For a full beard or mustache, we recommend peeling VIO2 tape from top down when removing.

How many times can I use the tape?

We recommend starting with new tape each time and discarding it after each use.

Why over the mouth?

VIO2™ Mouth Tape keeps your jaw from dropping. No seriously, sleep is the one time you don’t want a jaw-dropping experience. By keeping your mouth shut, you’re forced to breathe through your nose, providing your body with the rich oxygen you need for healthy functioning. This prevents oral and dental issues, like dry mouth and gum disease. It also prevents snoring and helps you stay asleep. Now that’s worthy of a jaw drop.

How does it promote dental and oral health?

Mouth breathing exposes your oral environment to the outside world which leads to microbiome imbalance, bad breath, dry mouth, and tooth decay. VIO2™ Mouth Tape protects your mouth from harmful external factors, and nasal breathing enhances your overall well being.