How does it work?

Mouth breathing leads to all kinds of oral illnesses and is the #1 cause of snoring. Our comfortable myofunctional tape goes over your mouth while you sleep or move about, so you can activate nasal breathing day and night.

Nasal breathing is known to be one of the body's strongest self-healing tools. It helps with anxiety and depression, improves immunity, decreases dental diseases, and improves athletic performance.

Does it work with facial hair?

Sure thing! Your ‘stache stays in place. This is mouth tape, not a wax job. For a full beard or mustache, we recommend peeling VIO2 tape from top down when removing.

How many times can I use the tape?

We recommend starting with a new tape each time and discarding used tape after each use.

Why over the mouth?

VIO2™ Mouth Tape keeps your jaw from dropping. No seriously, sleep is the one time you don’t want a jaw-dropping experience. By keeping your mouth shut, you’re forced to breathe through your nose, providing your body with the rich oxygen you need for healthy functioning. This prevents oral and dental issues, like dry mouth and gum disease. It also prevents snoring and helps you stay asleep. Now that’s worthy of a jaw drop.

How does it promote dental and oral health?

Mouth breathing exposes your oral environment to the outside world which leads to microbiome imbalance, bad breath, dry mouth, and tooth decay. VIO2™ tape protects your mouth from harmful external factors, and nasal breathing enhances your overall well being.